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Archive for November 2015

Blog - Nurse e-Learning in healthcare

The benefits of e-Learning in healthcare

It is no secret that many hospitals and other healthcare organisations are turning to the internet to help meet their organisation’s training requirements. But why are so many health professionals turning to eLearning?
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Stress Management For Nurses

Stress Management Tips for Nurses

All workplaces can become breeding grounds for stress – that’s just a truth in the world we live in. Many workplaces have introduced their own measures to reduce their staff’s stress levels. Here at the LearnPRN office we bring our dogs to the office. Nothing calms you down after a morning of deadlines quite like a dog at your feet. However, we think there might be an infection control issue or two in bringing dogs to work if you’re a nurse! Therefore, we wanted to look at some effective tips for nurses to reduce their stress in the workplace.
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Top 5 TED talks for Nurses - eLearning for Nurses when you need it

Top 5 TED talks for Nurses

We at LearnPRN and Nurse CPD Online have rounded up the five Top TED talks that we think are must-see viewing for nurses. Never heard of TED? That’s ok! TED’s mission is to spread ideas via short talks that are filmed, and shared online. Here we have five short (20 minutes or less) talks that we think can help you in your healthcare organisation.
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Nurses in Palliative Care

Palliative Care Nurses

One of the hardest nursing jobs for non-nurses to get their head around is palliative care. Those outside the healthcare industry often ask “how can you do it?! I could never watch someone die.” But we know that good palliative care is one of the greatest gifts we can give a patient.
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