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Archive for February 2016

Some advice for ‘Generation Next’

This week the two rural organisations we work with on an ongoing basis welcomed 10 new graduate registered nurses. It is an exciting time for all. East Wimmera Health Service welcomed six new graduates and Rural Northwest Health welcomed four new graduates. These are the biggest intakes ever and are the result of a conscious decision to increase employment opportunities for graduate nurses. So to read this month’s ANMF magazine article Generation Next: helping graduate nurses and midwives find jobs’ by Robert Fedele, I got thinking.
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Free eBook and Diary

Introducing our new CPD eBook and Diary

As a nurse in Australia there are a lot of constants in your life;
  • Washing your hands more often than you thought was humanly possible
  • Horrifying your non-nursing friends with your dinner table talk (you mean you don’t want to talk about bowel movements while you eat?)
  • Working Christmas/New Year/Easter – without doubt you will be working one of those days this year
  • CPD. Every. Single. Year.
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