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Top 5 TED talks for Nurses

Top 5 TED talks for Nurses - eLearning for Nurses when you need it

We at LearnPRN and Nurse CPD Online have rounded up the five Top TED talks that we think are must-see viewing for nurses. Never heard of TED? That’s ok! TED’s mission is to spread ideas via short talks that are filmed, and shared online. Here we have five short (20 minutes or less) talks that we think can help you in your healthcare organisation.

Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life

In this short and sweet TED talk, Judy talk about the death of her two friends. By helping them, and by being present for their end of life journey, Judy has developed five steps for a good end of life. There is lots we can learn from her talk, and as nurses we can share some of this with our patients.

Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn’t a broken person

This TED talk is by an Australian woman who has recovered from serious trauma. Janine spends 17 minutes exploring and describing the human potential for recovery. Janine shares her inspiring story, which will remind you why your work is important.

Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work?

Dan is a behavioural economist who in this talk explores the idea of why we work. We often laugh in this office that nurses love to complain about work, but at the same time have such a sense of pride in what they do. Dan’s two experiments that deal with our attitudes to work give us a great insight to why we love what we do.

Paul Ewald: Can we domesticate germs?

“I want to talk about diarrhoea” as an opening sentence would scare of nearly anyone – but not nurses! Paul’s talk is on using evolution to design disease organisms intelligently. Looking at disease from the germ’s point of view, Paul discusses his theories on minimising the strength of these germs.

Marc Koska: What’s the Point of a Syringe that Breaks?

Marc has worked in many developing countries, and reading an article on the reuse of syringes prompted him to invent a syringe that could not be reused. At only 9 minutes long, this TED talk is excellent viewing which highlights the financial and medical benefits of infection control measures.

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