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What nurses say about our training


Administration of Blood Products

"Very thorough discussion of topics"

"Excellent on line learning for all nurses,all relevant for my ongoing education,looking forward to doing more. Thank you"


Advanced Life Support CPD Theory Update

"Re-reading guidelines and articles supplied. It helps to re-focus as well as keeping up to date with ARC guidelines ensuring competency in this critical practice in patient safety and best practice"

"I liked how it went through each rhythm and the drugs needed to treat."


Basic Life Support Theory

"I like the charts and the real life resuscitation video"

"Most informative, especially the unit on children, including neonates. It is refreshing!!"

"The course is relevant and to the point without unnecessary information. I liked the last section on stoma's as this was not covered as much in my previous BLS training and it is easy to understand. Thank you – fantastic course"


Early Management of Anaphylaxis and CPR Refresher

"Well set out program, able to refresh answers by returning to previous pages if unsure of anything"

"Clear and concise information"


Elder Abuse

"Explaining each session in a simple way which makes it easier to understand within a short period"

"Very handy, very precise and still informative"


Emergency Procedures in Healthcare

"The assessment question at the end of each section were simple and easy to answer. The content of the unit was easy to comprehend"

"Not too much unnecessary info so you remember the important things".


Infection Control For Non Clinical Staff Program

"I like the fact that i can read through the information before taking the test"

"Presented in a straightforward, no nonsense manner. Easy to understand."


Infection Control in a Healthcare Environment

"Informative, quite good fun to complete"

"It provided great detail but in simple terms to aid with adequate understanding"


Intravenous Cannulation Theory Refresher

"Can do it at home at my leisure"

"I liked the fact you had to read rather than listen to someone talking about IV Cannulation"


Introduction to Triage

"Excellent payment service and quick start time, easily understood, short and informative, dot questions and you could print off certificate"

"This program gave me confidence in myself realizing I knew more than I thought"


Manual Handling

"Easy to use, able to do it online/at home"

"Simplicity. Online. Flexibility. No judgement."


Mental Health Drug Program

"Well presented and easy to understand"

"It was easy to follow and information was not padded with inappropriate wording. I could leave the information at any time and return between other work."


Preventing Aggression & Violence in the Mental Health Context

"It was direct and easy to read and gave good examples and references"

"Thought provoking and confronting"


Preventing Workplace Aggression & Violence

"I liked the progression from simple to more complex information"

"I found the program material interesting and easy to follow."


Respiratory Assessment

"Easy to follow, well formatted and set out. Simple and practical content."

"It was easy to follow and the demonstrations were so clear."


Safe Medication Administration 1 – Acute Care

"It really seemed like it was written by nursing staff who worked on the ward and could identify with realistic issues and concerns regarding medication administration"

“Very practical and the scenarios are perfect – I think that I have experienced every one of them and see the errors mentioned all too often.”


Safe Medication Administration 1 – Residential Care

"Reality in clinical practice reinforcing medication calculation skills"

"Good refresher, clear and easy to follow"


Safe Medication Administration Program 2 – Acute Care

"I learnt things I didn't know and it clarified some things for me. Makes me feel more confident in what I'm doing"

"Very helpful learning/refresher module"


Safe Medication Administration Program 2 – Residential Care

"Good revision and study"

"This program was excellent, very informative, lots of references to utilise."


Sexuality and the older person

"I liked the way I could come back to the program if I had to take a break from it"

"The program was well organized and self explanatory and to the point"