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The provision of online mandatory education, or doing online continuing professional development, is an established part of most nursing environments in 2015.

Online education is used by nursing agencies, aged care, residential care, universities, private, public and rural and metropolitan hospitals, through outsourcing or provision of in house content. A search of online education though, raised a couple of questions for me.

How do I assess the credentials of education providers? A click on “our company” for many providers I researched gave generic “what we are about” profile, without identifying any individuals. I don’t know about you, but I like knowing who I am dealing with!

Same as a friendly face and an introduction at a face to face training session, a “face behind the company, or a face behind the program” allows us to engage, identify, and communicate with the educator, enriching the learning experience and facilitating asking questions and clarifying any issues.

How would you feel attending an education session where the speaker didn’t show their face, or tell you their experience and credentials? Just a thought…

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