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Global Citizenship in Nursing

Global Citizenship in Nursing

We have run this nursing education business for 12 years, providing nurse education, onsite and online, as well as health education consultancy.

Aware of the potential impact of our business on the environment, we have chosen to undertake the following steps as part of our commitment to achieve the triple bottom line- see diagram 1.

  1. We use carbon neutral paper, and try to keep photocopying to a minimum
  2. We only email, not fax, as hundreds of unsolicited faxes use reams of unnecessary paper.
  3. We use recycled, unbleached envelopes ( and toilet paper)
  4. We use cloud filing, and e invoicing systems
  5. Now have a home office, rather than a shopfront, to reduce energy, travel etc
  6. Flexi hours for staff to be able to meet family needs
  7. Above award salaries
  8. Time credits for volunteering activities
  9. “Bring your dog to work day” – everyday!

Diagram 1- Triple Bottom LineTriple Bottom Line Approach

Image Reference: (accessed 19/8/15)

A fun way to look at the impact we have on the earth is to calculate your own global footprint. There is a calculator here
See what your impact is, at home, and at the nursing or healthcare facility where you work!

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