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Introducing our new CPD eBook and Diary

Free eBook and Diary

As a nurse in Australia there are a lot of constants in your life;

  • Washing your hands more often than you thought was humanly possible
  • Horrifying your non-nursing friends with your dinner table talk (you mean you don’t want to talk about bowel movements while you eat?)
  • Working Christmas/New Year/Easter – without doubt you will be working one of those days this year
  • CPD. Every. Single. Year.

Continuing Professional Development is a crucial part of your yearly registration, and it’s not enough just to DO the activity, but you have to record and reflect as well.

We’ve developed a free downloadable CPD eBook and Diary for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses. It details WHO needs to do CPD, exactly WHAT constitutes Continuing Professional Development, HOW MANY hours you need to do, and HOW you go about recording and reflecting on your learning.

It also includes a diary in which you can record your registration details, and then it provides space for you to record your learning activity, as well as a place to reflect on it. Don’t worry if you find reflection tricky, we provide a few examples!

We know that CPD can be dull, but it doesn’t have to be. At Nurse CPD Online we offer a range of interactive online courses that update your skills, meet CPD requirements, AND are interesting and relevant to your field of practice. But we’re not boss; we don’t say you have to do ALL your CPD with us. Just buy one (or 10 if you want!). Mix and match – online courses, videos, journals, study days – you’ll get a much more rounded learning experience that way.

Continuing Professional Development doesn’t need to be a dreaded yearly obligation. Try to use it as an opportunity to grow and expand your nursing practice, and as an opportunity to improve your patient care. As the Lady with the Lamp said all the way back in 1914, “unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week; take my word for it, we are going back.”

Download your free CPD eBook and Diary here

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