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Just a Nurse?

Nursing Article - Just a Nurse?

By now you will have seen this video doing the online rounds. In the talent section of the Miss America pageant this month, Miss Colorado eschewed the usual baton twirling and fire eating, and instead performed an original monologue about her experience of being “just a nurse”.

If you haven’t seen it, view it watch it below:

“Just a nurse” is a phrase we hear all the time – both BY nurses, in response to medical questions, and ABOUT nurses, e.g. “are you a doctor or just a nurse?” It’s a phrase that we nurses often bristle at when someone else says it, but we tend to use it about ourselves. Everyday millions of registered nurses across the globe provide expert care from birth to end-of-life to millions more people. The number of nurse-patient interactions is enormous, and research tells us we are the most trusted profession in the world. We’re not ‘just a nurse’, we are integral to patient care and comfort.

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