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Huge News from our Managing Director Robin

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All of us at LearnPRN & Nurse CPD Online are so excited to tell you that we have updated all of our elearning programs – they’re faster, cleaner and responsive. Which means they look and feel better than ever; and work on your smartphones and tablets too!

A nurse’s yearly CPD doesn’t have to be a chore – choose it carefully and it can even be fun! Registration renewal is coming up, and with it, our rush to make sure that we have met our CPD obligations for the year.

As the manager of Nurse CPD Online, and as a nurse educator, I am well aware of the fact that nurses learn better when they are interested in what they are learning. At our study days, we constantly receive feedback on the fact that the participants enjoy the day. Terms such as humorous, approachable, non threatening and fun are used, as well as remarks about our straightforward, easy to understand teaching style. This feedback does make us wonder, though…, just how much education is provided for nurses that is threatening, boring and poorly delivered? It is sad to think that teaching like this exists, and I have to wonder whether it contributes anything to the knowledge of the participants.

When we started online learning delivery, we were keen to ensure that our online learning programs reflect the features of our study days that have made us such a successful organisation. We have put time and effort into ensuring that our online content is easy to understand, and as interactive as possible. We know that learners are far more likely to retain and reflect on content that holds our attention, and is relevant to our own working context. Our workplaces are changing and challenging environments, so staying up to date is vital to the provision of quality patient care. Remember, CPD is not just a legal responsibility, it is also an opportunity- to learn new skills, brush up on old ones, and to find out what is best practice in your nursing environment. As Florence Nightingale once said: “Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week, take my word for it; we are going back.”

Nurse CPD Online has been providing quality education online since 2010, and thousands of nurses have learned with us over the intervening years. Over this period, technology has improved, internet access is better than ever and able to be accessed from a broad range of devices. It is crucial that we stay atop of these changes. So now we are delighted to announce that we too have improved and updated!

All 20 of our online programs have been upgraded, and they are now fully responsive: compatible with iPads, tablets and smartphones. So you can do your CPD anytime, and anywhere. Each program is interactive, and incorporate videos, activities and links in our all new modern layout. So it is more engaging, more entertaining and even easier to learn. Our content has been updated for 2016, so you can be sure that the information is current, relevant and evidence based, as all our programs are comprehensively referenced.

Cheers, Robin.

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