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Two Great Paediatric Emergency Videos

Photo from St John Ambulance YouTube

How cute are these videos?

In this blog, we are highlighting the importance of EVERYBODY knowing how to apply critical first aid in an emergency setting, especially around children and infants. It is interesting to reflect that, while a first aid certificate is mandatory for a lot of employment applications, it is not obligatory as a parent!

The carer you use, your babysitter and your child care centre staff all require first aid, but we as the principal caregiver don’t.

And statistics tell us that over a quarter of all parents have no knowledge of how to relieve choking in a baby, or of how to perform CPR if required.

Scary stuff.

Enter the wonderful UK St. John Ambulance, who have made these two instructional videos, delivering must- have information in a non- threatening manner that is easy to remember. UK SJA commented “We know that a major barrier to parents learning is that baby CPR frightens them.” So, removing the fear factor, and making it entertaining, allows learning to occur in a simple reassuring manner.

No parent enjoys the thought of having to perform life-saving procedures in a paediatric emergency within their own family, but thanks to videos like these it’s easier to prepare, so panic can be avoided in the unlikely event that something does happen. As horrifying or scary as it may be to think about these potential disasters, it’s comforting to know there are things anybody can do to save our children’s lives, even if an ambulance is on the way.

The first video is “the Chokeables”, which uses animated small objects to teach parents the correct technique to help a choking child.

The second video is called “Nursery Rhymes”, and demonstrates infant CPR.

We here at LearnPRN love them.

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