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One of the things about being consultant educators, is that after we leave a facility, we never REALLY know how the education we have delivered, is being used. We know people have enjoyed the training, but how is it applied in the workplace?

This is why we love receiving emails like these ones Robin has received in the last few months. It reinforces that education really does make a difference, and that confidence, as well as competence is a powerful contributor to quality care at the bedside.

So let’s look at how OUR education is changing YOUR practice!

After a Basic Life Support Workplace Assessor Workshop

…Just following up on a few things that came out of discussions at our Basic Life Support competency assessment workshop., one concern raised was that we currently have no formal Basic Life Support coordinator or likewise no means of contacting or catching up with fellow trainers. Since the workshop, I now wear the hat for this role as Basic Life Support coordinator and we have also just had our first meeting for the trainers this afternoon!..

After Advanced Life Support Initial training, with Competency testing one month later

…Great feedback from the recent training, and Murphy’s law came to play last week when we had (2) Code Blues within 10 minutes of each other (patients in the same room!).
Several staff had completed the training and felt competent and confident in the situation….

After Advanced Life Support Initial Training

…Thankyou, a great time was had by all.
Place is humming so I am really excited, and so are the staff. The team have set up a room with dummy, flow charts, posters etc and they are having practice sessions each shift.
They absolutely loved the session and felt that they came away with a really good understanding and increased knowledge…

Thank you to everyone who lets us know when they have used theory in practice because as in the words of the philosopher Goethe:
“Knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough, we must do.”

So keep on applying- and making a difference.

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