Safe Medication Administration Program 2 – Residential Care

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Safe Medication Administration 2 – Residential Care – $35.00

2 CPD Hours
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Program Details
  • 2 CPD Hours
  • Estimated Completion Time: 2 Hours
  • Certificate: Printable PDF on completion
  • Approved Training for CPD Hours
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This online education refresher program is suitable for Registered Nurses, and Enrolled Nurses who are already Medication Endorsed. It is ideal for annual refresher training and for nurses who require their CPD (continuing professional development).

This course is NOT appropriate for Enrolled Nurses who are not Medication Endorsed, nor for Disability Care Workers, PCAs, or Aged Care Attendants. We advise these workers to seek advice from their employers as which competencies are required and where they are to be obtained.

This second medication administration program is designed to build on the first LearnPRN Drug Administration Program. This program is designed to assist the nurse in understanding the different drug forms and the implications this has on daily clinical practice. This program helps to answer the old-age question of “Can I crush this drug?”. Considerations related to drugs and older adults are also discussed. As with the first drug administration program, a section on drug calculations is included.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the nurses' role in quality use of medicines.
  • Describe the four phases of pharmacokinetics.
  • Identify factors that can affect the absorption of medications.
  • Identify oral medications that should not be cut or crushed and briefly explain the rationale.
  • Outline the physiological factors that can alter drug pharmacokinetics in the older person.
  • Calculate accurate drug dosages using appropriate formulae.

It is recommended that this program is undertaken prior to your annual practical reaccreditation of ALS skills, to refresh knowledge and improve your confidence.

This fun interactive online nurse education program is suitable for medication endorsed enrolled nurses and registered nurses who require their CPD (continuing professional development).