Fluid Balance

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2 CPD Hours
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Program Details
  • 2 CPD Hours
  • Estimated Completion Time: 2 Hours
  • Certificate: Printable PDF on completion
  • Approved Training for CPD Hours

Assessing fluid balance is as important as our other vital signs – temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiratory rate.

Providing fundamental care to ensure that our patients and residents receive adequate hydration is an essential part of basic nursing care. Many of our patients and residents rely on us for the maintenance of this essential body function to sustain life.

Ensuring that our patients and residents are achieving a balance between adequate fluid intake and appropriate fluid output is achieved by maintaining an accurate record of fluid intake, fluid output and constantly assessing the balance between the two.

This program has been developed as part of our Clinical Basics Refresher Program. In it, we revisit the basics around fluid regulation and the nurse’s role in ensuring the patient/resident maintains an appropriate level of hydration.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Briefly explain how the healthy body regulates fluid.
  • Identify and briefly discuss the factors that can impact on normal fluid regulation.
  • Outline the nurse’s role in supporting fluid regulation of the patient/resident.
  • Recognise appropriate and inappropriate entries on a fluid balance chart.
  • Appreciate the importance of recording accurate fluid balance as an essential clinical assessment strategy for all enrolled and registered nurses.
  • Apply knowledge gained to ensure safe and high quality nursing care.

This fun interactive online education program is suitable for any health professional who requires their CPD (continuing professional development).