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The benefits of e-Learning in healthcare

Blog - Nurse e-Learning in healthcare

It is no secret that many hospitals and other healthcare organisations are turning to the internet to help meet their organisation’s training requirements. But why are so many health professionals turning to eLearning? We’ve summed up some of the most compelling reasons below:

  1. Flexibility with time
    Time is a precious commodity in the healthcare industry, and often the idea of putting aside an entire day, or two, for a professional development session can seem impossible. There is also the added trouble of trying to find a day that suits everyone, including day and night shift team members. This is where one of the real benefits of online learning can be seen – you can study whenever you want. So instead of having to put aside an entire day, you just need to find an hour here and there. Many Learning Management Systems, like ours, allow you stop and save your progress, so you can stop and start as you like allowing for further flexibility.
  2. Removes the tyranny of distance
    Australia’s rural and regional healthcare organisations often cannot afford a full time educator, and the costs involved in bringing an educator to their facility can be significant. However, with e-Learning, all that is needed is an internet connected computer. With online learning rural and regional hospitals can have relevant, up to date workplace training from educators all over the country.
  3. Inexpensive
    Healthcare organisations around the country are facing financial cuts, and we know that one of the first areas to see the strain is in training and education. Traditional workplace education includes educator costs, catering costs, often room hire costs and also the costs of covering shifts so other staff members can attend the training. However, with e-Learning these costs are removed. There is usually just a per person enrolment fee, which is often quite low when there are large groups getting trained.
  4. Keeps a log of your learning
    Need a certificate? Can’t remember what date you completed your course? Once it gets to May, nurses all over the country are struggling to round up the evidence of their training during the year. Most online learning platforms, like ours, keep a record of everyone who has done their training. These Learning Management Systems provide information on when you completed your training, how long it took, and store the certificates in case they get misplaced.
  5. Can be tailored for the particular healthcare organisation
    For mandatory training including inductions and site specific training, healthcare organisations often prefer e-Learning. This is because it can be branded with the organisation’s colours and logos, and it is standard, replicable training ensuring everyone gets the same knowledge. LearnPRN offers this option to healthcare organisations all over Australia, for more information visit

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