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Why Choose Nursing?

Why Choose Nursing Australia

The other day a friend contacted me about her daughter’s application to university to train as a nurse. This caused be to reflect on the many paths this girl could take.

Training as a nurse has certainly changed in recent years, allowing a nurse to study; direct entry midwifery, RN or EN training at university or TAFE, or a combined degree in paramedicine and nursing. And that’s just the beginning. Once an RN has graduated the scope of the nursing profession is boundless. Let’s look at some of the roles my friends have taken since we finished. Our numbers include:

  • Senior managers and CEOs of acute care and aged care facilities
  • Policy makers in government health agencies
  • Career academics who shape the student nurses of tomorrow
  • Nurse educators (like yours truly!) who work privately or clinically at the bedside with undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and allied health students
  • Palliative care, intensive care, emergency and midwifery experts
  • Authors of nursing Australia texts
  • International nursing opportunities as Australian nurses are well regarded world wide
  • Volunteers with services such as Medecins Sans Frontiers and the international Red Cross

The options available to the nursing students of 2016 will be limitless.

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