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Why Working Over Christmas Isn’t So Bad

Why Working Over Christmas Isn't So Bad

Nurses, likes all care-giving professionals, have to sometimes work over Christmas. Most organisations have got a rotating system so if you work Christmas this year, you don’t have to next year etc. However it’s undeniably a part of the job that many friends and family just don’t understand. How often are you met with “oh you poor thing, having to work on Christmas Day!”? Here’s a note to all family members: this does not make it easier for us!

However, we’ve been thinking about it and we think there are a number of reasons why working on Christmas isn’t so bad.

  1. You don’t work for the whole Christmas period
    For many families ‘Christmas’ includes Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day. That means there is still plenty of time to catch up with friends and family, eat lots of turkey and give a present or two.
  2. Avoid potential family drama!
    What’s Christmas without a little family tension? Well, you don’t need to worry about it because you’re not there! Who’s doing the washing up? Not you! One of the perks of working on Christmas day is being able to leave before the washing up, and you often don’t have to cook either. Score!
  3. Working Christmas gives you other time off.
    Hello New Years’ Eve! Quite often if you work one public holiday, you get the next off.
  4. You’re in a position to help those who really need it.
    We might think working on Christmas Day is no fun, but being a patient in hospital on Christmas Day? Your patients need your emotional care, not just your physical care, on Christmas Day. You get to go home after your shift finishes, but the patients might be there for the entire holiday period. You’ll have the opportunity to watch special moments between patients and their families during visiting hours, and you’ll be able to support those who feel a bit lonely this Christmas.

In short – it’s never fun working Christmas, but remember that the work you’re doing is important, and much appreciated by your patients and their loved ones this Christmas!

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